Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lessons of the Game

It is a true blessing to see my oldest taking action towards his passion of playing college baseball . . . I pray each day that God will allow that mound to be one of the platforms for his purpose of glorifying God. 

Passion, Action, Purpose. . . 

My son was not always the most talented, but he was very passionate about the game of baseball and learned from the lessons it taught him. He grew in his determination and persevered through the difficult times and failures. He used the failures as a stepping stone to the next victory. He grew in his ability as his growth mindset grew. He had a growth mindset that he was going to achieve it for himself and for God. And that no man could get in the way of what God had planned. He continued to work hard and walked through the open doors and moved away from closed doors. The knowledge of God's will came through prayer and trusting through faith that God was allowing one door to open as He closed another. My oldest did not allow his mindset to grow stagnate from his past, but he developed a growth mindset for the present and future. So much more than a game . . . it is lessons on how to develop a mindset of optimism, purpose, resilience, courage, and even self-esteem.

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