Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Instant Pot "Hard Boiled" Eggs

Ok so I've been experimenting with the Instant Pot and trying to figure out ways to eat healthy and stay eating keto when the busy baseball season hits. 
Since my breast cancer journey began, I have been getting farm fresh eggs and meat for the nutrients and benefits they provide. I buy my eggs in bulk and love finding recipes that incorporate these healthy little perfections. 
I also love fried eggs in healthy fats to give me energy while eating low carb . . . real butter, coconut oil, or ghee (this one has Pink Himalayan salt in it). I like to cut up hard boiled eggs and put them on my salad. Deviled eggs and egg salad are a couple of my quick lunches or snacks. 
Since I got my Instant Pot, having "hard boiled" eggs on hand has been super easy and convenient. 
We have had fun with PEELING the eggs. . . they are so easy to peel that I can do it one handed!!! Check out this video of my son and I peeling the Instant Pot eggs. . . I think I am a little too excited about this . . .


There are two ways to cook "hard boiled" eggs in the Instant Pot. . . but here are the essentials for both ways:

  • Eggs (as many as you like to fill the bottom of the pot rack)
  • 1 cup COLD water
  • Instant Pot electric pressure cooker– Instant Pot styles vary -  I have this one 
  • Bowl of COLD water for after cooking
Pour the 1 cup of COLD water into the pot and place the eggs in the rack that came with your pot. 

*If you have lost the rack, I've seen where "Potheads" (if you are an Instant Pot user, you are considered a "Pothead") have used silicon pads at the bottom. Some have suggested using crumbled up foil at the bottom, but there is controversy over the safety of aluminum poisoning - do your research and make a choice on aluminum. I would love to know what you find in your research - please leave the info in the comments of this blog post. 
Close the lid, set for 5 minutes at the Manual setting.
It will take the cooker approximately 5 minutes to build to pressure and then 5 minutes to cook. I let the pressure naturally reduce for an additional 5 minutes after the cooking cycle completed, and then did a quick pressure release. That’s around 15 minutes, total.
Place the hot eggs into cool water to halt the cooking process. *I'm using range free farm fresh eggs, so store bought eggs may vary in cooking time. If you use store bought, please put the cooking time in the comments so I know the best cooking time . . . you never know when I might run out of my regular eggs and need to run to the grocery store. 


Use the "Egg" setting. This is the easiest to me and the quickest! 

Add your eggs and 1 cup of cold water to the Instant Pot, lock the lid, and position the steam release valve to "sealed." Press the "Egg" button on the Instant Pot. It will pressure cook the pot for five minutes on normal - it will take a few minutes for the pressure to build up before the timer begins. This will result in hard-boiled eggs. If you want soft-boiled eggs or your eggs are store bought use the "+-" button to reduce or increase the cook time. 
Once the cook time is over, quickly flip the steam release valve to "venting" and allow the steam to escape. Be careful and do not have your hand near the valve when it begins releasing. Once the pressure is at normal, carefully remove the lid.

I hope you have an EGGcellent time peeling your eggs!!! 

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