Monday, March 26, 2018

Finding Joy in Household Chores

Deuteronomy 15:10 Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

It is the start of spring break and time to sleep in . . . but my dog wants to know where everyone is at . . . my dog must be thinking the sun has come up and it is time to go outside. My dog did not get the memo that it is spring break and time to sleep in. 

After the initial madness because I wanted to sleep in, I was actually glad to be up earlier than everyone in my house. I was able to take my time drinking coffee and having some quiet time with God before everyone woke up. 

I then started trying to get this house clean from the crazy busy start of baseball season for all three boys. I have been able to get clothes washed, for the most part, but getting them folded is another story. So today, I am conquering the piles of clean clothes and trying to stay up on washing the newly dirty clothes. Are we really ever caught up on the laundry? 

It is a little frustrating when the clothes and dishes continue to pile up over and over. I am actually having my family use paper plates during the spring break to avoid PILES of dishes . . . it I don't I will be in the kitchen constantly instead of enjoying them at home. But as the negative thoughts pile up in my head, like the laundry and dishes, I am trying to change my negative thoughts into a pile of positive thoughts . . . a mindset that will allow me to give generously of myself instead of holding grudges for having to clean up a mess that is not mine. 

There are many reasons to be joyful when I am constantly having to do household chores. I just have to remind myself of the joy and the privilege in cleaning. When I choose to concentrate on the blessings of household chores, it is easier for me to find PILES of blessings through the mess. 

This is what came to my mind and what God reminded me of when I continued with my household chores. . . 

  • Be glad my family has clothes to get dirty
  • A sink full of soaking dirty baseball pants means that I have healthy boys that are able to play a sport they love
  • Making beds means we have a place to lay our head at night and that they are safely tucked in our home
  • Dirty bathrooms means that my boys are home and we have running water to bath with, brush our teeth with, and yes use the toilet with . . . when we had to turn the water off for a busted pipe, this was a huge problem . . . we definitely learned to appreciate our running water. 
  • Dirty dishes means we were able to eat and that we have food to eat to nourish our bodies
  • Grocery shopping means God has provided a means of buying items we need, and those items we sometimes just want
  • Vacuuming means that we have electricity to plug the vacuum cleaner into
  • The biggest blessing that God reminded me of . . .  I have a family that needs me, and I should unconditionally clean for them and love them just as God loves me and cleans up after my messes in life. 

Joyful Cleaning Mindset

During this spring break, I am going to choose to be blessed by my household chores and the noise and extra mess in my house. This means that my home is full of love, and God has provided for us to meet our needs and wants. I will organize and clean even though I know it will not last long. All these piled up chores means we are living abundantly together and signs of a home building memories and enjoying what God has abundantly provided for us. 

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