Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Scales are NOT Your Friend with the KETO Lifestyle . . .

When you are following a Keto Lifestyle, your fat cells are not going to be happy! They are going to try and out smart you. . . they think you are going to give up like all the times before! But not this time. . . you are rocking and rolling and feeling so much better! So hang on and keep up the great work. . . You are WORTHY of living abundantly! Watch the video below to see what happens to your fat cells when living the Keto Life. . . just keep waiting and very soon you will experience the Water Whoosh! The Water Whoosh is real!!!!

 I still use the scales, but I do not use them to dictate my success. I also measure and have a piece of clothing that I eventually want to fit in to. Just keep in mind that the benefits of feeling better far outweigh the number on the scales! The scales will begin dropping when your fat cells figure out you are not giving up and living a new lifestyle. . . the Keto Lifestyle!

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