Thursday, September 21, 2017

Victory Over the Pit. . .

Victory Over the Pit. . . 

We can use Joseph as encouragement. . . For many years Joseph's story has encouraged me to choose joy and wait patiently for the "palace".

Joseph was thrown into a pit but came out in a palace. Our pit may be financial, illness, disease, physical pain, emotional pain, death of a loved one(s), slander, abuse, self-image, and/or broken relationships. Whatever the pit may be, God can turn it into something incredible. Just hold on, have faith, learn all you can, and prepare for the joy and life of abundance. Joseph didn't have an easy path or a quick journey; he never became bitter and he found joy through the storms. We can also find joy in the storms and trust that it takes time for God to prepare us for the life of abundance that He has planned for us. 

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